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                                          Our Price: GBP88.66
                                        LARGE TABLE Leg CORNER brace/bracket SET...From £6.11 set
                                        LARGE TABLE Leg CORNER brace/bracket SET...From £6.11 set LARGE TABLE Leg CORNER brace/bracket SET...From £6.11 set
                                        PACK SIZE

                                        LARGE TABLE Leg CORNER M10 brace/bracket KITS/SET. Includes Dowels/Washers/Nuts. 1-10 Sets

                                        UK DISPATCH ONLY

                                        due to weight & P&P costs


                                        TABLE LEG brace fittings/fixings assembly kits, with M10 Dowels. 

                                        PLEASE NOTE:
                                        NEW SELECTIONS
                                        NOW with HEX NUTS, or WING NUTS

                                        75mm or 90mm dowel Lengths

                                        [Use drop down box above to select]

                                        These sets are now Complete with M10 Washers, Dowels & Nuts

                                        - - - -

                                        1 x 'buy it now' = 1 set of 16 pieces
                                        (1 set = 16 pc's)


                                        4 x Heavy duty brace plates
                                        Now Zinc Plated
                                        120mm x77mm


                                        4 x M10 wood/metal dowels 75mm

                                        - - HEAVY DUTY full size M10 - - 

                                        (Bright Zinc Plated)


                                        4 x M10 Wing Nuts

                                        (Bright Zinc Plated)


                                        4 x M10 washers

                                        (Bright Zinc Plated)

                                        (NOT shown in Photograph)

                                        - - - -

                                        PLEASE NOTE;

                                        This set will assemble 4 legs to a table with 2 3/4" Square legs or THICKER.

                                        LEGS above 4" square may require a cut out

                                        as here;

                                        Plate/brace fixing (E) screws NOT included

                                        - - - - - -

                                        HEAVY DUTY steel construction

                                        Brace = Zinc Plated

                                        Dowels, Wing nuts & Washers are all Zinc plated

                                        - - - - - -

                                        These assembly kits allow you to put together a

                                        TABLE LEG SET of any size table.

                                        These are simple to fit only requiring screws/saw/drill to fix.

                                        1x BRACE + DOWEL + WING NUT + WASHER part (ie; 1 of each in photo) for each corner

                                        These are IDEAL for Tables of all sizes, particularly Large tables with legs over 3" square.

                                        Allows you to remove legs, so table can be moved in todays' smaller houses.

                                        Also used for assembly work that then has to be unassembled & reassembled on site.

                                        - - - - - -

                                        Assembly tip:

                                        Use an M10 domed head nut* to tighten the dowel deep into the legs, using a M10 Ring Spanner.
                                        1x Domed Dowel tightening nut available seperately
                                        Must be ordered via same drop down box
                                        NO extra P&P to pay

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